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Five ways a workers' compensation claim can get denied

Missed days of work, pain filled nights, and a short paycheck can be life altering. The last thing an injured employee wants to hear is that their workers' compensation claim was denied. Anyone in a dangerous job should keep these steps in mind in order to ensure that their claim will be approved.

Steel building collapse causes workplace injuries

Employers throughout the Colorado and the rest of the U.S. are responsible for maintaining the safety of their construction workers by ensuring the structural integrity of the facilities where work is being conducted. Otherwise, dangerous collapses may lead to serious workplace injuries. When construction companies failed to inspect ongoing construction projects, workers may suffer severe injuries by no fault of their own. New information shows that one Texas company is under fire from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after failing to properly secure a structure that was being built at a university. Fines in the matter total nearly $50,000, according to official reports.

OSHA's Alliance Program aims to reduce scaffolding accidents

You’ve heard it before: employers have a responsibility to keep the workplace safe for workers. But what does that mean? Who monitors the employers? What guidelines are in place to ensure that employers are kept up-to-date on industry standards?

Man paralyzed in workplace accident can stand, walk again

Fortunately for many employees in Colorado, workplace back injuries rarely end in paralysis. That does not mean that some don't, or that some work accidents result in severe injuries to the spine, many of which result in workers' compensation. One of the biggest problems with workplace back injuries is that they can quickly go from just a small twinge into something much more serious.

Neck injury plagues Dancing with the Stars contestant

Anyone in Denver who is a fan of the television sensation "Dancing with the Stars" may have recently seen professional dancer Karina Smirnoff fall on her jaw. They may not have known, however, that she was rushed to the hospital after it appeared she had dislocated her jaw and sustained whiplash to her neck. Although this may have just been another night in front of the television for Denver viewers, it was a workplace neck injury for Smirnoff.

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