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Worker crushed by rebar load dies at hospital

When a worker suffers a serious injury at a job site, such as a crush injury, there is typically an investigation to look into the cause of the accident. These types of investigations can take weeks and even months. Often the first concern is whether the area is safe for workers to return to work.

Failed tire results in the death of a cement mixer truck driver

Injuries at work can happen, no matter what work environment you are in. When an accident occurs, it is natural to consider how the injury will impact your ability to work and provide for your family. But what happens to your family? What happens to families of workers who are killed in on-the-job?

Workplace safety for migrant workers called into question

Many of the people in the Denver area may believe that their workplaces are relatively safe and that they have been properly warned or trained to avoid any risk. And for many people in Denver that is true, but it also appears that migrant workers and temporary foreign workers are exposed to much more serious dangers, some of which are fatal.

Tree crushes man, causes fatal injuries at remote work site

Not every job in Greeley is in the city or even easily accessible if an accident were to happen. While this can be dangerous, it would only make sense that those employees who don't have ready access to emergency services would be well trained and prepared for an emergency if it were to arise. Even with the best planning and training, however, accidents can and do happen, some of which are fatal.

Oil-field deaths show serious workplace safety issues

Much of the western United States has been part of the oil and natural resource industry in one way or another and Colorado is no exception. Though workplace safety has improved across all Colorado employers, the oil industry continues to remain fairly dangerous. In some states, the number of people who die in the oil and gas field services is higher than any other industry. What this ultimately says is that there are real safety issues that are not being properly addressed.

Engineer falls from bridge, suffers fatal injuries

Not all workplaces in Denver are created equally. There are risks and safety issues at every job, but some of the most exposed and dangerous places may be construction sites. Whether it is heavy equipment, heights, outdoor exposure or some other condition, construction workers, architects and engineers may be at a high risk of injury or death.

Psychiatric clinic safety may leave staff exposed

Hospital workers in Denver likely heard about a horrible shooting that took place at a psychiatric clinic last year in which one clinic employee was killed and five others were injured. Thought it happened outside of Colorado, it has raised considerable concern amongst employees within the mental health field. Now that a federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration evaluation has been completed, it may force some hospitals and clinics to reevaluate their safety plans for employees.

Snowmass ski patroller killed on the job in avalanche

Certain jobs in Colorado carry unique dangers for workers. For example, last weekend, a veteran Snowmass ski patroller was killed on the job when she was swept over a cliff by an avalanche. The 49-year-old woman had been a ski patroller at Aspen's Snowmass ski resort for 26 years, but that didn't make the job any less dangerous.

Automotive worker suffers fatal injuries in workplace accident

For anyone in Colorado who receives the horrible call that something has happened to a loved one at work, they understand that fatal workplace injuries can cause major upheaval in the lives of the surviving spouse and children. From the grief of losing a family member to funeral and burial costs to adjusting to one less income, families have a lot to worry about. Consulting a workers' compensation death benefits attorney, however, can help families get access to the money they will need to move forward.

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