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5 ex-Kansas City Chiefs sue football team

A lawsuit was filed by five professional football players who used to play for the Kansas City Chiefs. The plaintiffs claim the team lied about the risks of head injuries and hid the injuries during 1987 and 1993, when there was no collective bargaining agreement in position in the NFL.

A head injury by any other name is still a head injury

"It's just a bump on the head" is the phrase you hear from your loved one. The phrase is meant to reassure you that the seemingly minor head injury is just that: a minor injury. But even a simple concussion can have serious symptoms that don't become noticeable until days or even weeks after the initial injury.

Traumatic brain injuries can vastly change a life

Many people in Denver may think that traumatic brain injuries, despite their name, are not serious enough to prevent someone from returning to work, but these kinds of accidents can severely restrict what an individual is able to do. While not all work-related head injuries in Colorado are going to keep an employee from ever working again, there are a number of serious workplace head injuries that force employees onto workers' compensation every year.

Workers with brain injuries may be at higher risk of stroke

New research was recently published that shows that the risk of stroke is greatly increased when someone has a traumatic brain injury. Researchers found that the link between stroke and traumatic brain injury is quite strong and is as important as the link between stroke and its highest risk factor, high blood pressure. Though more research needs to be done on brain injuries and strokes, this could be an important piece of information for Colorado workers who suffer head injuries.

Store employee suffers head wound during violent protests

Some of the workplace accidents that happen in and around Denver can be planned for and prevented. Some of them, however, are completely out of the ordinary. The accidents, some of which can lead to serious injuries or death, could never have been foreseen, but just because an accident or injury can't be predicted doesn't mean that it won't be compensated for under the Colorado workers' compensation program.

Construction worker sustains traumatic brain injury in accident

on a university building and was on a scaffolding bridge when he fell approximately 70 feet. While he has had the past couple years to recover, he is still plagued by frequent headaches and dizziness. The traumatic brain injury that he sustained has likely interfered with his ability to work and it is unclear as to whether he has been able to hold down a job since that terrifying fall.

Concussion recovery time may be too brief and too risky in NFL

Football is a rough sport. Typical injuries to shoulders, knees or ankles are ones players are often hit with the most. Once they incur these injuries, players seem to shake it off and get back in the game as soon as possible. However, players concussed on the field and quickly returning to play may be taking too great a risk.

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