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Steel building collapse causes workplace injuries

Employers throughout the Colorado and the rest of the U.S. are responsible for maintaining the safety of their construction workers by ensuring the structural integrity of the facilities where work is being conducted. Otherwise, dangerous collapses may lead to serious workplace injuries. When construction companies failed to inspect ongoing construction projects, workers may suffer severe injuries by no fault of their own. New information shows that one Texas company is under fire from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after failing to properly secure a structure that was being built at a university. Fines in the matter total nearly $50,000, according to official reports.

Man suffers injury while cleaning a church statue

Here in Colorado, workers' compensation is a no-fault system that provides benefits to those who are injured on the job regardless of who caused the injury. However, workers' compensation benefits are not always available to all workers, and this is often the case with volunteer or temporary workers, for example. Nonetheless, injured workers should always seek legal counsel as it is often possible to obtain some form of compensation to treat injuries and compensate for time off of work.

Crush injury at work leaves worker without several fingers

Different jobs often require different skill sets. Workers also rely on different physical abilities and motions, depending on their job. But overall, most workers need the use of their fingers and hands for a wide range of motions.

Construction workers settle with companies after platform collapse

A minor injury stemming from a work accident may prevent a worker from returning to his or her job for a short period of time. But a more severe injury, such as a neck or back injury can result in months or even years of recovery and rehabilitation.

Woman injured at work; large metal plate strikes her face

Walmart is a nationally recognized discount department store chain that carries anything from outdoor patio furniture to the newer additions like produce. But one woman whose job was to work in a banana ripening room at a Walmart distribution center sustained a serious injury after falling debris landed on her.

Settlement Reached in National Lawsuit against AIG

When a worker is injured on the job, the worker can seek worker's compensation benefits. Workers' compensation benefits can help the worker financially during the recovery process. These benefits are typically paid through insurance companies.

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