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Employees' back pain could be relieved by stem cell injections

After a long day at work, many people from Greeley may find themselves with a sore back, but the back ache will typically go away after a night's sleep. For some people, however, their back pain will never go away. Whether it was from a workplace accident or the result of repetitive motions, chronic lower back pain is a serious problem in Colorado and can lead to an employee filing for workers' compensation.

The pain of office work dulled by morning coffee

Anyone who works in an Aurora office knows that one of the most important features of the office is the break room and, more specifically, the coffee maker. Before starting a day on the job, many Aurora employees will have had one or more cups of coffee and, now, there is evidence that suggests that coffee is an important tool in blocking the lower-back pain that is common among office workers.

Stand-up desks more ergonomic, decrease back pain

There are a number of people in Fort Collins who work, all-day long, at a desk in front of their computers. With more and more jobs relying on people to sit at a desk, there has been some concern about how sitting at a desk will affect an employee's lower back. Luckily, many people who use stand-up or adjustable desks often have less back pain.

Colorado back injuries can be prevented by changing positions

Nearly everyone in Denver has felt that slight twinge after getting up from a long day in an office chair. Back pain and injuries to the lower back are extremely common for office workers and are often the reason why an employee will miss work. Although this is a problem that affects people across Colorado, it is often something that employers would be able to fix by making a few simple changes in the workplace.

Inflexible lumbar spine and twisting contribute to back pain

Most people in Denver have had back pain before, but not nearly as many have been so injured that they can't return to their old job or can't work at all. Severe lower-back pain can and does keep some Colorado employees from working. What may have started as a small injury could eventually lead to numbness in the feet, pain in the legs and mobility issues. In some cases, lower-back pain is the direct result of a serious workplace accident, but it is also possible that someone could develop debilitating lower-back pain by repeating the same job-related action over and over.

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