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Mining accidents: are Colorado miners aware of the impact?

Colorado has a number of mines across the state that employs approximately 12,000 workers. In addition, the Colorado Mining Association estimates that around 46,000 people are employed in professions and industries that are related to the mining industry. These workers, which include engineers, consultants and technicians, support an industry that produced 29 million tons of coal last year.

Colorado miners may be at risk for hearing loss and lung diseases

As we've seen in previous posts, a job can cause illness or disease over a period of time. Depending on the nature of the job, workers can suffer from occupational diseases that can become both financially and physically crippling.

Injured worker recovering from crush injury in Colorado hospital

When an employee is injured in the workplace and it results in the loss of a limb, that injury can affect the employee for the rest of his or her life. An amputation can be the result of a crush injury or a machinery accident. Whatever the cause, the result is devastating.

Better compensation laws for miners and their families?

A Senator from Colorado is trying to pass legislation that would provide better workers' compensation for the families of miners. Working in the mining and nuclear industry can lead to serious sickness and even death; exposure to toxic chemicals such as uranium can be extremely hazardous for workers' health.

Annual report regarding work-related injuries and death

An unsafe work environment can result in a number of different workplace injuries. Workers can get crushed by moving equipment or suffer a head injury from falling debris. Whatever the cause, a worker who suffers an injury on-the-job can seek workers' compensation benefits to help with some of the financial costs that can arise with an injury.

Training Fundamental In Decreasing Mine Injuries in Colorado

In Colorado, there are many mining companies. And after the tragic gas explosion in the Utah mine, more concern has been raised over the working conditions in mines. Even the Chilean mine incident shows how dangerous mines can be for workers.

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