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Posts tagged "no-fault injuries"

Test tube breaks in lab, exposing worker to glass, chemicals

While working in the lab may seem like a monotonous job for many in Aurora, but that doesn't mean that there can't be serious accidents, too. In a recent lab accident, a worker was injured when he was exposed to chemicals and glass. Firefighters responded to the accident and noticed injuries to his face. It is still unknown, however, how seriously he was injured, as well as what kind of time he will need to recuperate and recover from this potentially serious accident.

Colorado employers must display workplace injuries for the year

It is not enough for businesses in the Denver area to just report any workplace accidents that cause injury, illness or death; the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration also requires that the nearly every employer also display all of the job-related injuries in an easily accessible location within the workplace. Colorado employers have until April 30 to comply with the requirement.

Chain-reaction car accident injures worker at construction site

Individuals in Denver expect that cars will not drive into their places of employment, causing serious injuries, in part because it seems highly unlikely for a car to drive through a building. Some Denver employees, however, do not work inside of buildings, but outside or on the road. Construction workers are often exposed and cannot even keep an eye on traffic because they need to pay attention to the machines and construction equipment that could also cause serious injuries. They expect that their employers will put up sufficient barriers and traffic signals to keep them safe, but that doesn't always prevent construction-site injuries.

Customer's icy behavior burns frozen yogurt worker's arm

Many young people in Colorado would love a chance to work with ice cream and frozen yogurt, but the frozen treat business isn't always as sweet of a deal as it may seem, sometimes employees can find themselves in sticky situations.

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