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The basics on carpal tunnel syndrome and its symptoms

An increasing number of people Colorado Springs are working in an office and in front of a computer. Though the jobs may be physically less demanding, new repetitive stress injuries are emerging from the activities office workers do perform: typing. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common types of occupational disease and, without treatment, could make it very difficult to continue working, making an employee eligible for workers' compensation.

Back pain treatments being questioned

Chronic back pain is a serious problem and is, unfortunately, extremely painful. For many, back pain is caused by a workplace accident or just the stresses a job will put on the back. For some, back pain can be relatively mild, but for others it is enough to put them out of work and forcing them to apply for Colorado workers' compensation.

Combating iPad shoulder and other tablet injuries

As technology advances and continues to produce smaller devices, individuals throughout Colorado and the United States are seeing an emergence of new health problems resulting from their long-term use. If these problems are caused by ergonomic issues at work, employees may be able to receive workers' compensation. Terms like "iPad shoulder", "iPad neck," and "Blackberry thumb," have even been coined to refer to repetitive stress injuries caused by tablet use.

Stand-up desks more ergonomic, decrease back pain

There are a number of people in Fort Collins who work, all-day long, at a desk in front of their computers. With more and more jobs relying on people to sit at a desk, there has been some concern about how sitting at a desk will affect an employee's lower back. Luckily, many people who use stand-up or adjustable desks often have less back pain.

Railroad employee develops carpal tunnel syndrome from work

What would you do if you went to work every day thinking that your job was safe, only to find out that it was actually causing a long-lasting and potentially debilitating medical condition? For many in Colorado, their first thought would be to determine what the treatments are and how long he or she would have to spend away from work recovering. The Colorado workers' compensation program can help cover some of those costs and the amount of wages lost during a recovery period.

Will your work make you go blind? Only if you use a computer

With computers on nearly every desk in Denver, it is extremely important that Colorado employees are not being injured by their workplaces. With many employees now spending their entire workdays looking at a monitor from as close as a few inches away, there is a real risk that many people in Denver will develop Computer Vision Syndrome. This occupational disease is a combination of eye strain, vision problems and the related symptoms that come with using a computer.

Sitting incorrectly for long periods can cause health risks

For many people in Denver, working in front of a computer or sitting in a chair is how they spend most of their eight-hour work days. This also means that many people are at risk for sitting incorrectly or at a station that is not ergonomically set-up, which could cause injury, pain or health conditions.

Government, employers do little to protect individuals from silicosis

The factory workers of Denver expect that the government is doing its best to regulate dangerous products in the workplace. It is shocking, however, to learn that proposals to cut the amount of silica and beryllium, both dangerous carcinogens, that Colorado employees can be exposed to have been tied up for years.

Employers need ergonomic workstations to avoid carpal tunnel

You get to work and start typing. Eight hours later you leave your Denver office and have spent most of your day in front of a computer. When you get home you start to notice that your hands and fingers are numb or tingling. After some time, you go to your doctor and are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, a common occupational disease that many Colorado employees are starting to develop.

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