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Posts tagged "on-the-job injury"

Health insurance and workplace injuries: What happens on leave?

Although humans may want the ability to predict the future, life is full of uncertainty. In order to minimize the anxiety caused by unpredictability, people may seek various forms of insurance.

Controversy over phone company's suspension of injured workers

If someone in Grand Junction is injured at work, he or she should be able to report that injury secure in the knowledge that it will not affect his or her chance at employment. Especially in Colorado's no-fault system, the idea that someone could be punished for reporting a workplace injury seems ridiculous. Unfortunately for employees of AT&T, it appears the communications giant has done just that.

Colorado agricultural workers struck by lightning in the field

There are certain aspects of any job that can't be controlled. For example, anyone who works outdoors is subject to the elements. At the same time, however, there are practical precautions that can be taken to prevent weather-related injuries on the job. A recent lightning-strike accident on a Colorado farm has some observers asking: Was enough done to protect the workers?

Woman suffers on-the-job injury while working in crosswalk

We have spoken previously about the danger of working on the road; from bike messengers to construction workers, anyone who has to work on or near a roadway in Denver could be in serious danger if a negligent or unobservant driver comes along. Sadly, that is what happened to a temporary worker who suffered an on-the-job injury in Loveland late last month.

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