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What are the most common workers' compensation benefits?

Each year, numerous Colorado workers suffer a variety of on-the-job injuries. Nearly everyone knows that employers are required to carry state mandated insurance coverage that helps injured workers, but not many people understand what benefits they may be entitled to receive. Below are some of the most common workers' compensation benefits available, depending on the severity of the injury suffered.

Colorado workers' rights to workman's comp valid after a job loss

When a worker is injured on the job, he or she may decide to file for workers' compensation to cover the lost wages, medical bills and any other expenses incurred due to the injury. Sometimes, an employee may lose his or her job or be fired while recovering from injury. The worker may fear losing the money from the compensation claim, but workers' rights entail that they can still receive those benefits until they have recovered. At the Eley Law Firm in Denver, our team has handled numerous Colorado clients in this type of dilemma and understand what their rights are and their full range of options.

Injured Colorado workers may have rehabilitation rights

When employees are injured on the job, they may choose to file for workers' compensation. Work injury insurance is meant to cover numerous expenses that can result from an employee injuring him or herself, including medical bills and lost wages. One expense that it can cover, that Colorado employees may not even be aware of, is the cost of rehabilitation. Some employees cannot work at their former position due to the injury and have rehabilitation rights that would help them find new employment, either with their original company or somewhere else.

Types of workers' comp benefits in Colorado: a primer

We've devoted numerous posts in the last few weeks to the process involved in workers' compensation cases. Our goal has been to inform you about specific steps in the process, such as reporting your injury or possible limitations on your choice of doctor.

Physiology may indicate likelihood of carpal tunnel syndrome

Many people in Denver are aware that repetitive activities can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, but they may not realize that there are certain people who, based off of their physiology, are more at risk for this sometimes disabling condition. Carpal tunnel syndrome is known as an occupational disease, or a repetitive injury, which means that when Colorado employees are constantly performing tasks that aggravate their median nerves, they may develop this condition.

Institute of Medicine studies effectiveness of brain injury treatment

There is always concern regarding the affect that a brain injury can have on an individual. Much research focuses on how to best rehabilitate a brain injury victim, whether the injury is severe or minor.

Brain injury rehab program provides long-term care for victims

Across the nation, researchers are constantly trying to determine how the brain functions and heals. These studies can help the recovery process for brain injury victims, a process that can be painful and long-term.

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