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Posts tagged "serious injuries"

Hitting the slopes runs risk of hitting a tree

According to Johns Hopkins Hospital, an estimated 600,000 people are injured nationally as a result of skiing or snowboarding. But because ski resorts here in Colorado have little oversight from federal and state governments and aren't required to release deaths and injuries to the public, the total number in Colorado is relatively unknown.

Construction worker partially severs hand, rushed to hospital

When a construction worker is in injured in Grand Junction, it is likely that the last thing on his or her mind is whether he or she will be eligible for workers' compensation. While construction injuries will generally lead to Colorado workers' comp benefits, a wounded employee's first thoughts are about getting better. After he or she is seen by a doctor and some of the adrenaline wears off, worrying about money and lost wages may be more common.

School employee injured in district-sponsored gun training

Many people in Denver are still coming to terms with the traumatic and frightening shooting that took so many children's lives at Sandyhook Elementary, and this has renewed a long-running debate on gun ownership, restrictions and whether guns should be carried by teachers. There are some people who believe that if teachers and other school staff are properly trained and armed, they may be able to vastly reduce the number of fatalities in future school shootings.

Man seriously injured in construction fall

Recently, a construction worker was injured while on the job. As of right now, it is not clear whether he was on a roof or a ladder just prior to falling approximately 20 feet. Luckily, other crew members on the scene report that the man was conscious and able to talk directly after the fall. The man was transported to a hospital to receive treatment for his injuries

Colorado laboratories may not be as safe as they could be

When many people in Denver think about workplace safety, they may not consider laboratories to be that dangerous. After all, when many people think about dangerous working conditions, they think about heavy machinery, heights or other kinds of risk factors, but laboratories can be quite dangerous themselves. A new study of laboratory safety has shown that slightly less than half of 2,400 scientists surveyed reported some kind of workplace injury.

Factory worker critically injured in coal-plant explosion

Coal is a highly combustible material and anyone in Colorado who works with coal or at a coal-burning power plant knows just how dangerous the stuff can be. Just because an employee has to deal with potentially dangerous materials all day long does not mean, however, that it is acceptable for employers to be anything short of vigilant in regard to employee safety. Sadly, accidents do happen, however, and when they do, injured Colorado employees are entitled to medical benefits to help with recovery.

Drunk drivers seriously injures construction worker

There are reasons why most Denver employees' parents once told them not to play in the street: the more time in the street, the higher a chance of a serious accident. Some jobs in Colorado, however, require that the employees are in the street. Street construction can be a dangerous job, especially when the city or state hasn't shut down the street that is being repaired. Even when this is the case, however, construction workers should be protected from cars, trucks and other motor vehicles as they do their jobs.

Highway construction worker crushed by paving machine

Whenever Denver construction workers are working near heavy machinery, there is the possibility that they will become injured. Most jobs, however, have considerable safety equipment and procedures in place so as to prevent these types of injuries. But, on occasion, a Colorado construction worker will be seriously injured when something goes terribly wrong. Luckily, injured employees can apply for workers' compensation.

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