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Posts tagged "temporarily disability benefits"

Preventing workplace slip-and-falls requires careful planning

The Colorado workplace can actually be a dangerous place, but employers need to spend some time planning and preventing common on-the-job slip-and-fall accidents. Sadly, some employees in Denver have suffered temporary injuries that force them to take time off of work to recover because their employers don't have sufficient protocols in place to keep floors and workspaces clean and clear of something that could trip an employee.

Psychiatric staff more worried after new federal regulations

When many people in Denver take a job at a hospital, they most likely do not expect that they will be injured or killed by patients. Although psychiatric staff at a Colorado mental health hospital may realize that there are inherent risks that come with working with people who have mental health issues, there should still be protections that keep them safe from harm.

Tired at work? Sleepy employees are at risk of injury

Anyone in Denver who works knows just how common it is to be tired at work. It seems like no matter what time you go to bed, wake up or how much coffee you drink, at some point during the day you will be fatigued. There is new research out that indicates tired employees are more apt to make some kind of mistake that will lead to an injury and possibly require temporary disability benefits to cover lost wages. According to some estimates, a lack of sleep can cost up to $60 billion a year because of health care costs, low productivity and industrial accidents.

Man caught working on roof after claiming workers' compensation

In Colorado, recovering benefits after being injured at work can be a complicated process. Workers' compensation benefits can help an injured worker with things like medical bills and lost wages. But it can be confusing to try and navigate your way through workers' compensation laws.

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