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Workers who suffer a brain injury may see personality change

Often we discuss many of the different ways that a brain injury can impact a worker after an accident. There are the physical implications, that require therapy and check-ups, and there are financial implications from medical expenses. For brain injury victims, these are the immediate concerns that come up after the injury.

Life after a brain injury can be significantly different

Often people think of life-altering injuries as physical injuries, where an individual loses the use of a limb or is paralyzed. But a brain injury can also significantly change a person's ability to work and communicate, making life a very different place after the injury.

Carpal tunnel syndrome becoming more prevalent

Research is showing that more young adults are showing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This particular injury often develops in workers whose jobs involve repetitive work that requires some force. While this type of work injury may not seem as severe as an amputated arm or a brain injury, this occupational disease can create other health problems.

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