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VIDEO: You have rights after a work injury. Call the Eley Law Firm.

When a worker is injured on the job, workers' compensation benefits are designed to cover the cost of medical care, lost wages and any ongoing occupational or physical therapy needs. Those benefits are provided regardless of whether any party was negligent or at fault.

Colorado trucker may have had death benefits

When a person loses their life as a result of a work accident, their family may be entitled to death benefits through workers' compensation. Death benefits can often be used to cover funeral costs and loss of income incurred from the tragic loss of a loved one. An older truck driver in Colorado recently lost his life in an accident that caused his fully loaded truck to tilt and fall on its side.

Home may not be a low-stress haven for injured workers on leave

Last month, we discussed a very real issue for injured workers: stress. Being confronted with a potentially life-altering injury, medical treatment and financial concerns associated with time away from work is a lot to worry about -- and understandably so. Knowing the detrimental health effects of stress discussed in the pair of blog posts, it may be in the best interests of injured workers to manage their stress levels.

Health insurance and workplace injuries: What happens on leave?

Although humans may want the ability to predict the future, life is full of uncertainty. In order to minimize the anxiety caused by unpredictability, people may seek various forms of insurance.

Health risks prove filing for workers' comp should be easier

No one ever said life was easy. There are certainly life moments that are tougher than others. One such life hurdle is getting injured in a workplace accident. With the stress of being injured at work, the last thing a person needs is more stress when trying to tie up loose ends.

Colorado-based sugar beet company accident: factory worker killed

Western Sugar Cooperative, producer of beet sugar products, is headquartered in Denver and has several refineries throughout the state as well as some in neighboring states. In 2004, Western Sugar faced an OSHA investigation after the death of an employee in one of the Colorado refineries. As a result, the company faced thousands of dollars in fines.

Ski season in Colorado also brings avalanche dangers for workers

It's that time of year again: ski and snowboard season. Colorado residents have already had some time to hit the slopes and enjoy some fun outdoor activities. And as visitors continue to flock into the state to enjoy the slopes, resort and ski hill personnel are on the lookout for dangerous conditions, such as avalanche conditions.

Steel building collapse causes workplace injuries

Employers throughout the Colorado and the rest of the U.S. are responsible for maintaining the safety of their construction workers by ensuring the structural integrity of the facilities where work is being conducted. Otherwise, dangerous collapses may lead to serious workplace injuries. When construction companies failed to inspect ongoing construction projects, workers may suffer severe injuries by no fault of their own. New information shows that one Texas company is under fire from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after failing to properly secure a structure that was being built at a university. Fines in the matter total nearly $50,000, according to official reports.

OSHA's Alliance Program aims to reduce scaffolding accidents

You’ve heard it before: employers have a responsibility to keep the workplace safe for workers. But what does that mean? Who monitors the employers? What guidelines are in place to ensure that employers are kept up-to-date on industry standards?

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