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Crush Injuries Archives

Grain silos and the danger they pose to Colorado farmers

When many people think about dangerous jobs, they may not think of the people who work inside of grain silos. Tragically, however, these grain storage bins can be some of the deadliest "offices" in Colorado or across the United States. What is even worse, however, is that many of the 80 employees who have died in silo accidents since 2007 were teenage boys. A leading expert on grain storage accidents has documented over 800 critical silo accidents since 1970, but he also believes that the actual number of accidents might be much greater, as many entrapments are not reported.

Highway construction worker crushed by paving machine

Whenever Denver construction workers are working near heavy machinery, there is the possibility that they will become injured. Most jobs, however, have considerable safety equipment and procedures in place so as to prevent these types of injuries. But, on occasion, a Colorado construction worker will be seriously injured when something goes terribly wrong. Luckily, injured employees can apply for workers' compensation.

Construction worker severely injured when giant slab falls on him

Workplace safety agencies are investigating a bizarre accident that happened at a state university in order to determine what caused it and if it could have been prevented. This accident exemplifies the serious construction workers' injuries that can happen on unsafe Denver construction sites. If Colorado employers don't work hard to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents, these kinds of tragedies may continue.

Parking garage accident injures two employees

It almost sounds like a piece of fiction, but two men are lucky to be alive after a car fell through an elevator shaft at a parking garage, crushing one of them. Though this shocking story didn't happen in Denver, it serves as a reminder of the kinds of accidents that can happen in the workplace and the importance of the workers' compensation program to protect injured Colorado workers.

Baskin-Robbins employee pinned when car comes crashing into store

When Colorado employees head to work in the morning, they don't expect that they will be crushed by a car barreling through their workplace. Sadly, these accidents happen in Denver and across the country, sometimes seriously injuring workers.

Aurora employee sustains serious crush injuries in accident

Aurora, Colorado, was the scene of a horrific workplace accident recently. According to ABC7 News, a construction worker was building a retaining wall when the prefabricated concrete slab fell on him. The man is recovering in the hospital, but it is unclear what his condition is. As he takes time to recover and until he is ready to return to work, he may be eligible for lost wages.

Crush injuries turn fatal after building collapses on worker

Denver construction workers are aware that there are certain risks inherent in their jobs, but, if the employer has properly prepared its employees, there is a very real likelihood that the job is safe. It is oftentimes when a construction company doesn't cover proper safety procedures or how to carefully do the job without putting anyone at risk that Colorado employees suffer crush injuries that severely affect the ability to work.

Company fined for nine violations after third employee crushed

A company who has been a habitual offender in violating Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules and policies was once again cited and fined for nine new federal violations. Many Colorado employees would assume that if an employer was fined and cited by OSHA because of dangerous practices that it would remedy the threat for the future. Sometimes, however, companies become willful violators of OSHA regulations, which can quickly lead to serious or fatal work-related accidents.

Employee crushed by plane listed in serious condition

A worker who became trapped under a massive airplane was able to be rescued by first responders, but remains in serious condition after this severe crush injury. The employee was rushed to the hospital by a helicopter. Because of his injuries, the worker could be eligible for workman's comp.

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