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Ski resort receives citations from OSHA after worker death

In December of last year, a post discussed some of the dangers of working at a ski resort after a ski-patrol director was killed in an avalanche. He had been working on a slope, trying to decrease the chances of an avalanche after a particular heavy storm that weekend.

New study looks at cause of grain elevator accidents in 2010

If you recall, a previous post discussed a fatal accident that occurred in a grain bin. Two young teenagers were killed while trying to do their job. OSHA fined the owner of the grain elevator after finding that workers were not provided safety gear and were not properly trained.

Woman injured at work; large metal plate strikes her face

Walmart is a nationally recognized discount department store chain that carries anything from outdoor patio furniture to the newer additions like produce. But one woman whose job was to work in a banana ripening room at a Walmart distribution center sustained a serious injury after falling debris landed on her.

OSHA to investigate incident of construction worker death

In some instances, a workplace injury can result in an investigation to determine what happened and whether the accident could have been prevented. Some work accidents occur because an employer does not provide adequate safety precautions or training.

Colorado company Evraz receives citations after OSHA inspection

A previous post discussed some of the dangers associated with unguarded bandsaws. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration had issued several citations to a Colorado company after an investigation showed that the company had not been adhering to federal health and safety standards.

Machinery crushes Colorado employee at equipment company

Last week, a Colorado man who worked at an equipment company was killed after an accident at work. Emergency responders initially got the call in the afternoon. By the time they were able to get to the accident scene, it was too late.

Three workers killed in grain elevator incidents, OSHA steps in

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Labor, recently issued a national news release concerning safety standards for grain elevators. Since 2009, OSHA has issued citations for several grain elevator operators, including some in the state of Colorado, after several accidents.

Worker Crushed, Two Injured, One Killed in Construction Accident

Many people do not think about whether the building they are in is safe. It is just assumed that a building that is standing will not collapse from underneath people's feet. But at one point, the building was being constructed and built by construction workers.

Two Car Wash Employees Crushed Under Vehicle

Work-related injuries can happen for a number of reasons. In some situations, a chemical can spill and cause serious damage. Other times, equipment can fall or crush and employee. Just recently an incident at a car wash resulted in one fatality and three other injuries.

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