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Colorado families disappointed by verdict in workplace death case

When an accident occurs in the workplace, there are a number of issues that can arise for the employer. The injured employee can seek workers' compensation if the employer was negligent and OSHA can issue citations if an investigation reveals violations of safety and health regulations.

Brain injury from work accident prevents victim from working

A young man had been working as a roofer. But one day while on the job, he fell more than 30 feet from the roof onto the ground below. He was severely injured and suffered a serious brain injury, requiring surgery that removed part of his skull.

Federal prosecutors begin trial against Xcel for worker deaths

Traditionally, people think of head trauma as the cause of brain injuries. These types of injuries can significantly impact a worker's ability to perform their job functions. But sometimes brain damage can occur because of lack of oxygen or breathing in dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide, which can even be fatal.

Colorado road workers injured more severely from work accidents

One county in Colorado recently learned what types of workers' compensation claims were more prevalent in their area. The statistics looked at how many settlements were paid on claims made by workers for injuries sustained on-the-job.

A look at OSHA's efforts over the past 40 years

In Colorado, some of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigations have shown that there are certain jobs that pose serious safety concerns: trenching, oil and gas operations, and grain bin manufacturing. Just last year, there were 19 reported fatal workplace accidents in Colorado.

OSHA (Barely) Protecting America's Workforce

All workers and employees know and understand that they are not machines, and that they should not be treated as such. Unlike machines, humans need to be treated with dignity and respect and protected, as best as possible, from unnecessary danger and injury while on the job.

Triangle Factory Fire paves way for modern workplace safety

In America, workers who suffer a workplace injury are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Employers are expected to maintain safe working environments according to federal standards.

Workers At Risk of Cold Stress Injuries This Winter

In winter months, people can become susceptible to injuries due to unaccustomed exposure to cold weather conditions. Those most vulnerable include persons who work in buildings without heat or proper insulation and whose jobs are frequently outdoors and bare to the elements. Some examples of occupations that are at risk include construction workers, cold storage workers, emergency responders, ski resort employees, delivery workers, snow and ice removal crews and warehouse workers.

In Spite of Myriad of State and Federal Laws, Many Workplaces Still Unsafe

A recent report released by the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) reveals some disturbing information about America's workplaces - in spite of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration's (OSHA) 40 years of legislation. The report shows that OSHA regulations are simply not enough to keep workers safe on the job.

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