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Posts tagged "Workplace Safety"

Landscape service workers can prevent being injured at work

With summer in full swing, landscaping services in Colorado are also in high demand. However, owners of garden services and tree-trimming businesses must not lose sight of the importance of employee safety. To promote workplace safety, training is vital. Workers who know the potential hazards of their jobs and learn the relevant safety regulations have a lesser chance of being injured at work.

Steps for construction workers to prevent being injured at work

Construction workers in Colorado and other states are likely aware of the fact that this occupation poses more life-threatening risks than most other jobs. For this reason, each worker must take precautionary steps to prevent being injured at work -- particularly when the business owners may disregard employee safety. The first step for self-protection in an environment in which falls, electric shocks and equipment collapses are the primary causes of death among workers, is to know the dangers.

Safety rules vital to avoid injured workers at wind farms

A former wind technician is involved at the Colorado's Ecotech Institute, which focuses on renewable energy fields and the careers they offer -- along with the safety hazards posed by each industry. He says the prevalence of injured workers among wind technicians can only be addressed by compliance with safety regulations. Furthermore, different safety equipment is used at various wind farms, and technicians should be trained and practiced to correctly use the equipment at each site.

Victim of permanent disability motivates teens to demand safety

Every year, thousands of teenagers enter the Colorado workforce straight from high school. The excitement about earning their own money along with the desire to please their bosses and prove themselves may leave them vulnerable. A victim of a workplace accident that left him with a permanent disability tells teenagers how he lost his arm and urges them to demand safety when they enter the job market.

Workers' compensation: Lead poses risk for gun range workers

Workers at gun ranges in Colorado and other states will know the risks posed by firearms, and they are probably aware of all the elements of firearm safety. However, many of those employees may not realize the dangers of the lead dust to which they are exposed every day. With every bullet that is fired, lead dust fills the air, causing harm to employees who might soon have to rely on workers' compensation benefits because of ill health due to lead exposure.

Negligent operation of forklifts can cause permanent disability

Although forklifts are used in many industries in Colorado, their presence in lumberyards typically causes severe hazards. The risks of serious injuries -- and even permanent disability -- apply not only to the operators of lift trucks but also workers sharing their workspaces with these dangerous machines. Because the use of forklifts is so prevalent and they are such familiar machines moving about lumber yards, employers and employees sometimes disregard the hazards they pose.

Injured workers: What are the dangers of solvents in workplaces?

In Colorado and other states, millions of employees are exposed to hazardous solvents every day. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health explains that solvents are those substances that are capable of dispersing or dissolving other substances. Solvents are mostly liquid materials but could also come in gas form. When it comes to organic solvents, there are three general types -- halogenated solvents, oxygenated solvents and hydrocarbon solvents. Injured workers are affected in different manners, depending on the type of solvent to which they are exposed.

Construction workers fear high risk of being injured at work

Safety authorities nationwide, including in Colorado, have often mentioned the concerns over workers' injuries and fatalities in highway construction zones. Now, after one more worker's death in another state, the voice of the employees was also heard. Road construction workers are typically concerned about being injured at work and their abilities to care for their families.

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