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Posts tagged "Workplace Safety"

Government clarifies OSHA's boundaries on family farms

Colorado has its share of farming. A work safety story regarding a certain type of farms, therefore, has an impact in the state. Specifically, family farms of a certain smaller size in Colorado should feel secure that no legal worker safety changes are to come upon them.

Is need for Wi-Fi speed contributing to workplace dangers?

That cellphone that your hand is seemingly glued to doesn't just work by means of magic. A lot of work goes into the convenience of a cellphone and its services. Unfortunately, the consistent upgrades in the name of Internet speed and signal strength are taking a toll on workplace safety.

Should OSHA be allowed to inspect small farms?

As many people in Colorado know, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has long been tasked with ensuring that workplaces across the country are safe for employees. The agency performs periodic inspections and often investigates workplaces after a worker is injured -- fining companies who are in violation of certain laws. Although OSHA's role in ensuring workplace safety is generally seen as a good thing, some sectors would rather not have anything to do with OSHA.

Health workers: Help the sick and hurt and get sick and hurt

All kinds of sacrifice can come with all kinds of professions. The healthcare industry is no exception. In fact, workplace safety reports indicate that the healthcare industry is an especially high-risk field in regards to workplace illness and injuries.

OSHA proposes new method of reporting workplace injuries

Identifying and fixing safety issues at work can be crucial, but it can also be very difficult. Not all workplace accidents are the result of a single event or failure. Sometimes, a worker's safety is put at risk because of an ongoing issue that may be caused by multiple factors. Under these circumstances, it can be very challenging for people to know how the safety of workers could be affected because single events may not raise any concerns on their own.

Last few months of 2013 suggest need for better mining safety

Colorado has a rich mining history, and mining continues to be an important economic industry in the state today. Therefore, a workplace safety report about mining in particular should serve as a reminder to employers and workers in the state that they must be vigilant to prevent mining accidents.

Illegal construction site raises questions about workers' comp

As an employee in the state of Colorado, you have the right to safe working conditions and any employer who fails to provide such an environment runs the risk of civil litigation as well as fines from the government. But what happens if your place of employment has a history of breaking the law? Would they even have workers’ compensation insurance? And would you be able to collect benefits if you were injured on the job?

Worker crushed by rebar load dies at hospital

When a worker suffers a serious injury at a job site, such as a crush injury, there is typically an investigation to look into the cause of the accident. These types of investigations can take weeks and even months. Often the first concern is whether the area is safe for workers to return to work.

Construction worker crushed by falling storm sewer piping

When a Colorado employee is fatally injured at work, his or her spouse and children are often entitled to a certain amount of money called death and dependency benefits. These specific workers' compensation benefits are not designed to replace anyone, because no amount of money can replace someone, but to help a family adjust to the drastic reduction in income. No one in Colorado should have to go through losing a loved one and being forced to live on substantially less money.

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