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Posts tagged "Workplace Safety"

Older workers less likely to report on-the-job injuries

What may seem like a young person's field -- construction -- is becoming increasingly grayer. Regardless of the reason, having a larger number of older individuals in Colorado construction raises questions about their safety. Surprisingly, however, there are far fewer reports of on-the-job injuries among older construction workers and older workers are also less likely to apply for workers' compensation benefits. There is concern, however, that many of these men and women are just not reporting injuries, not that they are less likely to be injured.

Airbag recall could have serious effect on employee safety

When someone in Denver thinks about the workplace, he or she likely thinks about an office building, or at the very least some kind of work site, but there are all kinds of workplaces, including a car. For someone whose job it is to deliver products, he or she may spend most of the day in a car. And, just like any other employee, someone whose workplace is in a car deserves to be protected from accidents and injuries. When they aren't, they can often claim workers' compensation.

Workplace safety for migrant workers called into question

Many of the people in the Denver area may believe that their workplaces are relatively safe and that they have been properly warned or trained to avoid any risk. And for many people in Denver that is true, but it also appears that migrant workers and temporary foreign workers are exposed to much more serious dangers, some of which are fatal.

Construction collapse leaves worker seriously injured

In what can only be described as a freak accident, one construction worker is recovering in the hospital after being airlifted from his work site. As of yet, the accident is still under investigation and there are very few details available, but it appears that the house the construction worker was building collapsed on top of him, crushing him.

School employee injured in district-sponsored gun training

Many people in Denver are still coming to terms with the traumatic and frightening shooting that took so many children's lives at Sandyhook Elementary, and this has renewed a long-running debate on gun ownership, restrictions and whether guns should be carried by teachers. There are some people who believe that if teachers and other school staff are properly trained and armed, they may be able to vastly reduce the number of fatalities in future school shootings.

Restaurant explosion injures 14 and kills 1

Many of the accidents that we have covered in this blog are about Colorado employees who are injured because their employers don't do enough to provide safe workplaces. While these types of scenarios are a common cause of on-the-job injuries, sometimes workers are injured in accidents that could not have been predicted, but just like any other workplace accident, employees who are injured are often eligible for workers' compensation benefits.

Small changes could have large effect on health care workers' safety

Whether it is a surgeon who uses sharp objects to operate on patients or it is a nursing assistant who is responsible for lifting and caring for patients with mobility issues, Colorado health care workers are at a high risk of a workplace accident or injury. If the state of Colorado, or the health care facilities within the state, made a few small changes, it could be an important step toward making health care employees safer.

Psychiatric clinic safety may leave staff exposed

Hospital workers in Denver likely heard about a horrible shooting that took place at a psychiatric clinic last year in which one clinic employee was killed and five others were injured. Thought it happened outside of Colorado, it has raised considerable concern amongst employees within the mental health field. Now that a federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration evaluation has been completed, it may force some hospitals and clinics to reevaluate their safety plans for employees.

Studies show retail workers more likely to be injured

Studies have shown that workers in the retail and wholesale industries face a high risk of injury. Workplace injuries can be cause by a variety of factors, and in the wholesale and retail industries where workers are moving heavy items and are on their feet for many hours the risk of a stress injury or a slip or trip increases.

Colorado laboratories may not be as safe as they could be

When many people in Denver think about workplace safety, they may not consider laboratories to be that dangerous. After all, when many people think about dangerous working conditions, they think about heavy machinery, heights or other kinds of risk factors, but laboratories can be quite dangerous themselves. A new study of laboratory safety has shown that slightly less than half of 2,400 scientists surveyed reported some kind of workplace injury.

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