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Colorado back injuries can be prevented by changing positions

Nearly everyone in Denver has felt that slight twinge after getting up from a long day in an office chair. Back pain and injuries to the lower back are extremely common for office workers and are often the reason why an employee will miss work. Although this is a problem that affects people across Colorado, it is often something that employers would be able to fix by making a few simple changes in the workplace.

Carpal tunnel, occupational disease lessened by better ergonomics

Many people in Denver who work in an office have felt the effects of sitting in front of a computer screen all day long. Whether it is eye strain, a stiff neck or severe pain in the wrists, carpal tunnel syndrome and occupational disease affect many Coloradoans whose work environments are not ergonomically correct.

Construction site contractors fined for exposure to deadly dust

Recently, at a major construction site, federal safety inspectors from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration discovered an accumulation of unsafe levels of silica. This dangerous particle has been linked to silicosis and deadly cancers if an employee is exposed to high doses. The construction workers at this particular site were being exposed to over three times the legal limit of the toxic substance. Although no one has shown any symptoms of an occupational disease, it is possible that the workers may find themselves ill after potentially inhaling this human carcinogen.

Signs of carpal tunnel syndrome and steps to take

In a previous post, we briefly discussed carpal tunnel syndrome and how workers can be affected by this particular occupational disease. This particular disease can develop when workers do repetitive work.

How carpal tunnel syndrome could impact a worker

You've been working for a while now, performing jobs that require a lot of repetitive motion. Specifically, you do work that requires your wrist to be flexed for long periods of time. Over time your wrist starts to go numb and you struggle with simple hand motions. Doing your job has become difficult, forcing you to seek medical help.

Colorado University employees file workers' compensation claims

Any type of injury or illness that can prevent a worker from doing his or her job can make life difficult. In some instances the worker has to undergo expensive medical treatment or therapy in order to recover, creating a number of financial challenges.

Carpal tunnel standards at center of OSHA budget debate

One purpose of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration is for the regulation and enforcement of health and safety standards in workplaces. In other instances, OSHA will create or update rules for workplaces in order to continually promote workplace safety.

Federal agency helps coal miners detect black lung disease

A work injury can lead to many complications. There is the immediate pain and suffering that an injury can cause. Then there are medical bills and lost wages that can accumulate as an injured worker recovers from the injury. Even when a worker has recovered from the injury, he or she may not be able to perform the job duties required of them and may have to find employment elsewhere.

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