What If I Am Permanently Totally Disabled?

Even If You Cannot Return To Work, You Have Benefits

There are times when a workplace injury is so serious that the worker cannot return to any work now or at any time in the future. Workers’ compensation is in place to protect workers who have permanent total disability.

Determining permanent total disability obligates the insurance carrier over a long period of time — the lifetime of the worker. To make sure you understand your rights as an injured worker, talk to a workers’ compensation attorney at the Eley Law Firm in Denver.

Permanent total disability benefits last a lifetime.

The amount paid for permanent total disability is the same as the amount paid for temporary disability — two-thirds of average weekly wages. The difference is the payments will last for the worker’s lifetime. If you are receiving Social Security Disability or a disability pension, the workers’ compensation benefit may be reduced.

The thought of never returning to work is difficult, but it helps to know that a portion of your income will be protected for life. Bills and living expenses continue no matter what your injuries may be.

Your case for permanent disability needs careful presentation.

The outcome of a claim for permanent total disability can provide the security you need for you and your family. Winning the case or getting a fair settlement is important. Talk to a lawyer who has extensive experience preparing and presenting your application.


Make sure you know your rights. Having a disability that prevents being able to work has dramatic consequences in your life and for your family. Talk to a lawyer who has been handling Colorado workers’ compensation claims for more than 30 years.

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