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Denver Workers' Compensation Blog

High rate of severe injuries in the oil and gas drilling industry

For years, there was an anomaly in the numbers concerning accidents in oil and gas fields. There was a high death rate among workers, but a low injury rate. One would expect there to be some correlation between these, but that's not what the data said. Drilling and fracking companies proudly noted the apparent low injury rate in the industry.

Injured workers: What are the causes of workplace illnesses?

Although Colorado workers in various industries are frequently exposed to workplace injury hazards, not all consequences are physical injuries. Injured workers can suffer the consequences of exposure to workplace illness threats that may not be immediately recognized as occupational. Exposure to extreme weather conditions can cause heat or cold-related illnesses, and workers in some occupations may suffer the consequences of radiation, blood-borne pathogens, welding flash and more.

Skin disorders or diseases are prevalent in all industries in which workers are exposed to plants, chemicals and other hazardous substances. Victims can develop dermatitis, rash or eczema, acne, ulcers, blisters and skin inflammation. When toxic substances are absorbed or ingested, poisoning can occur. This can result from exposure to gases such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide, and organic solvents such as carbon tetrachloride, benzol or benzene. Pesticides and other chemicals like formaldehyde can also cause poisoning.

Safety hazards and injured workers' rights

Factory and warehouse employees undoubtedly have some of the most dangerous jobs. As employers continue to implement safety procedures and offer continuous training to their employees, accidents and injuries still occur. Injured workers in the state of Colorado are urged to understand their rights should any health or safety concerns arise in the workplace.

Health and safety hazards in the workplace can stem anywhere from dangerous substances or chemicals to erratic behaviors causing injury or harm to others in the workplace. In any event, employers are legally required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to follow certain procedures while handling these situations. Should these procedures not be properly enforced, an employee has the right to file a complaint with OSHA to correct any hazardous or dangerous work environments.

Workman's comp for construction workers

Over the past few years, the number of workplace accidents have continued to drop, thanks to a rise in safety standards. As Colorado employers continue to implement these safety measures, many benefits are retained, such as minimal work-related injuries or deaths, and fewer workman's comp claims. Although most industries have enjoyed a decline in workplace accidents, many others continue to rise, especially in construction.

Construction workers face multiple risks and hazards on a daily basis. Some of the most common causes of construction accidents are falls, electrocution, being hit by an object or being crushed between objects. With such a high fatality rate, it is important for employees to develop a culture of safety along with safety education programs for employers.

Falls are now the leading cause of construction worker fatalities

Construction workers face the highest rate of work-related fatalities in our nation. According to OSHA 21% of worker fatalities in 2016 occurred in construction, with falls making up 64% of construction worker deaths.

Falls are one of the "Fatal Four" construction worker accidents, followed by being struck by an object, electrocution and getting caught in or between objects, falling structures or machinery.

Nurses with back injuries deserve compensation

It is a common story for nurses in Colorado and across the country: Back injuries resulting from the job do not result in adequate workers' compensation coverage.

Although the situation can appear tragic for many nurses in these circumstances, there is help available. By understanding the process and learning how to fight back, you can obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

Nurse's settlement highlights unknown hazards

Nurses are at risk for injuries on the job in many ways. As a profession, it has one of the highest rates of workplace injuries due to overexertion, falls, and exposure. Yet there are even more hazards on the job that nurses may not even be aware of.

Dave Repsher was severely injured when the Flight for Life helicopter he was serving as a nurse on crashed. It was a faulty fuel tank that was ultimately held responsible for the deep burns over 90 percent of his body. He wasn't expected to live. His recent settlement of $100 million for his injuries highlights how dangerous all nursing can be and how some hazards are hidden until a tragedy.

Fatal injuries increase in American workplaces

For many years, the efforts of employers, lawmakers and agencies throughout the country have been to minimize accidents in the workplace. The country is better when our working environments are safer. Stopping serious and fatal accidents, of course, is one of the most pressing priorities in this safety initiative.

Why is it, then, that fatalities continue to rise in this country? And what can be done about it?

Possible death benefits for family of deceased worker

When working in large manufacturing plants, whether in Colorado or elsewhere, workers are oftentimes faced with many safety hazards. With proper maintenance and employee training, many of these hazards can be prevented. Unfortunately, this was not the case in another state when an operator died from injuries sustained after a recent manufacturing accident. Now, his family may be eligible for death benefits.

On a recent Thursday afternoon, while working at Ames Hydraulic Motors, an employee died after a safety hood fell and struck him. The safety hood's purpose is to protect operators during testing procedures. As the investigation continue as to why the hood fell, officials stated that all existing safety hoods would be replaced with a new design in order to prevent any future accidents. The plant is continuing to cooperate with OSHA.

Construction worker fatally injured at work

Construction workers undoubtedly have one of the most dangerous jobs. Due to the many potential hazards, accidents at construction sites are sometimes inevitable. With clear thinking and the use of precautionary measures, many of these incidents may be prevented. Unfortunately, a Colorado-based construction company is now to blame for the death of an employee who was fatally injured at work due to unsafe work conditions.

While performing repairs to a lift at a Bayfield work site, a young man was tragically ejected from the device, falling around 40 feet and receiving wounds to his abdomen after landing on a survey stick. The victim was airlifted to St. Anthony's Hospital in stable condition but later developed a staph infection causing his condition to worsen. Unfortunately, he passed away two days later.

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