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A post-fracture bone infection

You fall from a ladder at work. Reaching out to catch yourself on the concrete floor, you shatter a bone in your arm. Initially, as you go to the hospital, you feel relieved that you at least avoided a head injury. This should be a fairly straightforward healing process, right?

It may be, but you can never feel too sure. Complications can arise. One of the most serious is a bone infection after a fracture. Though perhaps not common, it does happen, and it can make your recovery process "prolonged and complicated."

Working at a ski resort comes with serious dangers

In Colorado, working at a ski resort is often seen as something of a dream job. You get to work outside, in the beautiful mountains, enjoying a sport that you love. You get to help other people enjoy it as much as possible, too. Your love of the outdoors is satisfied every time you clock in for the day.

Those are the plus sides, but you have to remember that outdoor work is also very dangerous. It comes with some serious risks. Working at a ski resort means you could get seriously injured or even killed in an accident.

Car accidents a serious threat for American workers

For many, the job site is really the front seat of a motor vehicle. Modern workers spend a lot of time driving while employed. Some, like truck drivers and commercial drivers, do it almost exclusively. Others, like road construction workers, spend a lot of time behind the wheel despite not thinking of themselves as professional drivers.

You may already know that car accidents are a big risk that the general public faces, with around 40,000 people passing away every year. But did you ever consider the specific risk to workers who have no choice but to drive?

The average age of workers in various professions

If someone suffers a serious on-the-job injury, their age at the time that they get hurt can have a big impact on their future. For instance, younger workers -- teens and those in their 20s -- may avoid injuries more often or heal more quickly than older workers. Those who are nearing retirement age, on the other hand, may have to deal with some of the frailty of aging, which could make them more likely to get hurt or could make it more difficult for them to ever heal completely.

Age also matters for those who suffer such serious injuries that they become disabled. Say that you break your back in a fall and you can never work again. You have to use a wheelchair for the rest of your life. As you seek compensation for your lost future earnings, that financial picture is much different if you got hurt at 60 years old, just a few years from retirement, than if you got injured at 22 years old, in your first job since graduating from college.

Construction site communication tips

Many construction accidents happen because of a lack of communication or due to miscommunication on the job. Workers face risks that they could all avoid if they just had a better communication strategy.

For instance, imagine that you asked a coworker to set up a ladder and secure it on the top and bottom because the ground is not firm enough to safely accommodate the ladder otherwise. That worker goes and sets up the 30-foot ladder while you get ready for the day, packing your tools into your belt and looking over the plans. Then you go to the ladder, climb up to where you need to work, and get started.

Baggage handlers should always have a safe work space

Baggage handlers at airports have physical work to do as they move the luggage around. They must ensure they have everything going to the correct flights, and they have to be sure that they are keeping themselves safe. These airlines should have clear guidance for baggage handlers about what's safe and what to avoid.

There are several hazards for these workers to remain aware of as they work. The exact location and job duties they are responsible for determine what hazards they are facing. Once they know the risks, they can take steps to reduce the likelihood that they will suffer injuries.

Serious issues that may accompany neck pain

Neck pain can have many causes. You've probably experienced it when you slept awkwardly and woke up unable to even turn your head to the side. That type of pain tends to fade after a day or two.

However, it can be far more serious, especially if you're involved in a traumatic incident in the workplace, such as a fall from a ladder or a car accident. A neck injury is never anything you want to take lightly, as it can point to spinal cord injuries and even potential paralysis.

Nurses may become patients after years of heavy lifting

If you work as a nurse, you probably went into medicine because you want to take care of or help other people. Nurses provide hands-on, direct care that can make a major impact on patients. Medical careers like nursing offer not just excellent stability and pay but also the satisfaction that comes from a job that directly influences somebody's well-being and quality of life.

Unfortunately, the nursing professionals caring for patients often put themselves at risk by doing so. The heavy work of caring for, moving, repositioning and transporting patients can result in a sudden injury to your back. A single improper lift could result in severe pain and an inability to continue working.

Serious head injury symptoms after a fall

You take a serious fall at work. It happens fast. You don't even know for sure what happened. Did you hit your head on the ground? Why did you fall? Did you lose consciousness on impact? If so, how long were you out? You have a lot of questions, and they can hinder your ability to know just how badly you got hurt.

The first step, of course, is to seek medical assistance. Treat every fall as a serious event. Always assume you need treatment. Talk to a doctor and get a professional opinion. Do not try to walk it off or "wait and see" what happens.

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