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Medical Options Transcript

Mr. Cliff Eley: It’s important that you receive all the medical care necessary for a complete recovery. At the Eley Law Firm, we’re dedicated to making sure you receive the treatment that you need.

Frequently, an injured worker is told by his doctor that there’s no more treatment that can be offered. That can be a real concern if that worker still has restrictions and is unable to return to his job or if he still has pain.

When the treating doctor tells the injured worker that no more treatment can be offered, we schedule an independent medical examination. If the independent medical examiner states that there is more treatment that can be offered, we fight so that the claimant can receive that treatment.
If your injury worsens and your case has been closed, you can reopen your case and receive additional medical benefits as well as temporary and permanent disability benefits.
One of the most important benefits available to you in the workers’ compensation system is medical treatment. If you have questions about any aspect of your workers’ compensation case, please call us. We’ll provide a free consultation.

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