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Permanent Partial Disability Transcripts

Mr. Cliff Eley: Permanent partial disability benefits are paid for a permanent injury, where the injured worker is able to go back to some type of employment.

The amount of permanent partial disability benefits an injured worker receives is not based upon whether or not he can go back to work at his old job. It’s based upon a rating that the doctor gives you. For that reason, our firm wants to make sure that you receive the maximum benefit to which you’re entitled.

The doctor who gives you your disability rating is usually the doctor who was chosen by the employer. You may be dissatisfied with the rating that the doctor gives you. And if you are, you can get an independent medical examination. If the parties can’t agree to a doctor, the division of workers’ compensation provides a list of three. And each side crosses off one. You’re left with the one that remains.

The insurance company is very aware of who these doctors are. And so is the Eley Law Firm. If you’re considering going through the IME process, contact us. We can help you in selecting your doctor. At the Eley Law Firm, one of our jobs is to reduce the stress that an on-the-job injury causes to a wage earner and his family.

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