OSHA creates new resource for workers in health care industry

When employed in dangerous occupations, workers need to be aware of some of the things that may go wrong. Each day presents a series of challenges, and if the workers are not performing their tasks in a safe manner, they run the risk of being involved in a workplace accident that may result in significant injuries.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will closely examine these occupations to learn if there are any changes that can be made to protect those individuals working in these industries. For those in the health care industry, there have been an increasing number of workplace accidents at hospitals and clinics, leading to questions about how these facilities can be made safer for workers.

According to OSHA, there were nearly 250,000 workplace accidents in hospitals during 2012, resulting in more than 60,000 medical professionals having to miss work. These individuals may have had to file for workers’ compensation benefits while they were recovering from their injuries.

OSHA recently released a special set of materials on its website designed to help medical professionals deal with some of the difficult tasks that they may encounter when they are working. Many injuries occur when staff has to move patients, as they may not have the proper tools in place to assist with these moves, which can result in back or other serious injuries should these individuals fall. Other potentially dangerous situations that the agency addresses in its materials include safety procedures for the handling of medical waste, as well as instructions concerning the safe storage of harsh chemicals that workers may come into contact with while they are working.

The OSHA materials give medical facilities some best practices that they can implement, as well as advice to workers about some of the things that they can do to improve workplace safety. Some believe that the agency should issue new rules for these workplaces, but it may be some time before OSHA takes that step.

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury in Colorado, you may need to miss work while receiving medical treatment. You need to know what you must do in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits while you are recovering from your injuries.

You should contact an attorney experienced with the workers’ compensation system to learn more about what will happen during this process. You may have questions or concerns about the treatment that you are receiving, and your attorney can help ensure that you are able to get the care that you need. Insurers may try to get you to return to work before your injuries have healed, you need to know about the options that are available to you at this time.

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