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The Eley Law Firm has protected the rights of injured workers since 1983. We fully understand the workers’ compensation system and how it works. We want to help every injured worker who asks for our help.

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Colorado’s Workers’ Comp System

Being injured on the job is difficult enough. You shouldn’t have to fight for benefits that should be immediately available. If you have questions or concerns about how your workers’ comp case is being handled, please contact us.

  • Colorado workers’ comp — At the Eley Law Firm, we work hard to protect the rights of anyone who suffers a work-related injury. We have more than 30 years of experience securing medical benefits, lost wage benefits and disability benefits for injured workers.
  • Types of workplace injuries — Any injury that is sustained while at work or engaging in work-related activities are covered by Colorado’s workers’ compensation system. This includes severe injuries such as head trauma, spine damage or lost limbs, to less severe back and shoulder injuries caused by lifting heavy objects. It also covers damage from exposure to toxic substances and provides death benefits when a family loses a loved one.
  • Dangerous occupations and workers’ compensation — Even workers who sit at a computer for most of their day are at risk to suffer an injury. Workers in certain occupations, however, face greater risk on a daily basis. Those occupations include construction, coal mining, law enforcement, health care, firefighting, working with heavy machinery and more.

  • Pursuing your workers’ compensation claim — Injured workers must follow strict rules and file accurate, complete paperwork in order to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. Our job is to simplify the process and guide you through the system so you can obtain maximum compensation as soon as possible.

  • Returning to work — Depending on your injury, you might be able to return to work after receiving treatment. You must document everything needed to ensure your employer continues to live up to its obligations once you return to work.

We Are On Your Side. We Want You To Have The Benefits You Need And Deserve.

We realize that you will still have many questions about workers’ compensation, its processes and the benefits which you could receive. We welcome all questions and want to be sure you have a clear understanding of what lies ahead. Please call our firm today to schedule a free consultation, and feel free to peruse the rest of our website to find additional information about Colorado’s workers’ compensation system:

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As you review the information on this site, you are welcome at any time to contact our law firm, ask questions and request a free consultation about your workers’ compensation case. We represent injured workers in Denver and throughout Colorado.

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