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The Eley Law Firm, located in Denver, represents injured workers, and only injured workers throughout Colorado. Attorney Cliff Eley has more than 30 years of experience as a workers’ compensation lawyer and has helped hundreds of clients secure the benefits to which they are entitled.

People often have many questions about workers’ compensation, including what the process entails or what types of benefits they might be able to receive. We invite you to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your initial questions and to learn more about how we can help you realize your goals.

You may contact our Denver workers’ compensation firm by calling 303-785-2828. We offer free consultations and serve people throughout Colorado.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Colorado’s workers’ compensation system is an insurance-based system that covers a majority of Colorado employees. It is designed to provide certain benefits after a worker sustains an injury while on the job. It is a no-fault-based system, which means that you could be entitled to benefits even if your injury was your own fault.

The workers’ compensation system is complex, however, so it is highly recommended that you speak with an experienced attorney to help guide you through the process. You do not want to risk settling for anything less than maximum compensation for your injuries.

What Types Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Available?

The exact benefits that might be available for you depend upon your specific injuries. Factors such as the severity of your injury and whether it is expected to result in permanent disability will be weighed to determine your award.

Typical benefits available to injured workers in Colorado include:

  • Medical benefits — Workers’ compensation will cover your medical expenses so long as they are deemed necessary by your doctor. This could include hospital bills, physical therapy (rehabilitation costs), medication or medical equipment.
  • Lost wage benefits — Workers’ compensation will replace a percentage of your lost wages while you are unable to work.
  • Disability benefits — Workers’ compensation disability benefits fall under one of four categories. Those categories include (I) temporary total disability, (II) temporary permanent disability, (III) permanent total disability and (IV) permanent partial disability. Attorney Cliff Eley will explain these benefits in more depth during your initial consultation.
  • Death benefits — Eley Law Firm represents families who’ve tragically lost a loved one in a workplace accident. Death benefits could include funeral and burial expenses and financial support to replace a portion of the deceased’s lost wages.

In any situation where you have been injured at work and are seeking workman’s comp or workers’ compensation benefits, you should keep in mind that the adjusters often do not have your best interests in mind. Their goals are to handle claims quickly and with as little cost as possible. For more information, please read what your adjuster may not tell you.

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It is not a good idea to try to navigate the minefield of workers’ compensation laws yourself. Read about some of the reasons why you need a lawyer. Hire an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who has helped hundreds of injured workers.

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