Representing Injured Workers Statewide

Finding an effective attorney to handle your workers’ compensation claim is important. This is especially true if your injury is serious, with big medical bills and lots of lost wages. Colorado’s system is complicated, and you don’t want to lose out on available benefits by being without a strong advocate.

At Eley Law Firm, in Denver, we have the capacity to take on this advocate role for clients across Colorado. Using up-to-date technology, we are able to make our experienced, focused workers’ compensation services available around the state, including Colorado Springs, Fort Collins or Grand Junction.

To schedule a free consultation about your specific situation, give us a call at 303-785-2828.

How We Use Technology To Serve You, Wherever You Are

Firm founder Cliff Eley is a veteran attorney who has been practicing since the 1980s. He has built a successful workers’ compensation practice by focusing on the needs of injured clients and continuously adapting to the technical tools that are best suited to serving them.

Today, what this means is that we are a paperless office. We conduct business through phone, fax and email — and we can scan and digitize documents. This means we don’t need to be lugging big files around the office.

As a result of this technological capability, we can serve you wherever you are in Colorado. Indeed, we can even represent clients in Colorado workers’ compensation cases who are injured here and later move out of state.

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