Why Our Firm Is A Good Choice

Getting hurt on the job is hard enough. But it’s even harder when there are uncertainties about what your workers’ compensation benefits will be.

Attorney Cliff Eley is a good choice for getting those uncertainties resolved. His experience, insight and compassion have helped many injured workers and their families over the years.

To arrange a confidential consultation about your particular situation, simply give us a call today. We serve clients throughout the Denver area and statewide.

Reasons For Choosing Us

Here are three reasons to choose our firm to handle your workers’ comp case:

  • Experience and focusAttorney Cliff Eley has practiced workers’ compensation law in the Denver area for more than a quarter century. He focuses exclusively on helping injured workers pursue the benefits allowed under the law. This focus enables our firm to help clients successfully navigate the nuances of Colorado’s complicated workers’ comp system.
  • Action orientation — After a serious work injury, the issues you face are immediate. It starts with getting the right medical care and includes making sure your bills get paid. We know how important it is to take prompt action to address these issues.
  • Compassion — A work-related injury can take a toll on your self-esteem as well as your pocketbook. Cliff Eley is not only an effective attorney; he is also a compassionate man who will guide you carefully through the process. This is an important quality when responding to challenges, such as going back to work and possibly having to switch to a different job.

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