Reporting The Work Injury To Your Doctor

The two most important things you can do early on to increase your chance of having a successful workers’ compensation claim is to report your injuries to your employer and report your injuries to your doctor.

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Be Consistent And Accurate

When you meet with your doctor, you need to do just two things: Be consistent and be accurate. It will not help your case to exaggerate or downplay your injuries. This can only hurt your credibility, as your statements will be scrutinized by insurance adjusters, expert witnesses and judges. If you were injured lifting something, don’t overestimate the weight of the object. Insurance carriers can use this simple mistake to undermine your credibility.

For you to receive the treatment you need and back up your workers’ compensation claim with medical evidence, it is crucial for you to be honest with your doctor about what you are feeling and how your injuries are affecting your life.

For more information on how to report your injuries and symptoms to your doctor, see the following:

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