How Can I Deal With The Stress Of A Job Injury?

Talk To A Doctor — And A Lawyer

If you have been injured, you know that not being able to work causes stress and worry of an on-the-job injury.

Your employer or insurance carrier may be pressuring you to get back to work. You may be worried about whether your job will be there when you are healed enough to go back to work. You may be concerned that your work injury will prevent you from ever doing your old job. You may even be worried about your ability to work at any job.

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You should not have to deal with stress while you are healing from a work injury.

Talk to a doctor about your stress.

Your treating doctor can be a great resource for understanding and dealing with stress. The doctor can give you a realistic evaluation of your injury and what it can mean in terms of time away from work and how well you are expected to recover.

Your doctor may also prescribe therapy or drugs to help you relax and focus on healing instead of worrying.

Talk to an attorney about your workers’ compensation rights.

Your employer and insurance adjuster are concerned about their liability for your medical treatment and lost wages. Co-workers, friends and family may tell you about their workers’ compensation experiences. But what you need is the straight story of how workers’ compensation works in your specific case.

Attorney Cliff Eley has more than 30 years of experience with Colorado workers’ compensation law. He follows the law and works to make changes in the law — changes that protect the rights of injured workers.


Knowing your rights, getting information from your doctor and focusing on healing can help reduce the stress of being injured and not being able to work.

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