How Do I Make A Colorado Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Get Medical Help And Report Your Injury In Writing

Colorado law provides help for workers who have been injured on the job, but that help often begins only after you begin the process. Report your injury to your employer. Delaying the reporting of an injury can help the insurance carrier cast doubt on whether you were injured on the job.

For life-threatening injuries, get immediate medical attention.

If you have suffered a life-threatening injury or an injury that threatens an arm or leg, seek medical attention before you do anything else. When a workplace accident puts your life at risk or when serious damage could be done to any part of your body, do not take chances. Go to the nearest emergency room or the medical provider your employer had designated.

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Within four working days, notify your employer in writing that you have been injured in a job-related accident. This notification begins the process of your workers’ compensation claim. Failure to meet the four-day requirement may subject you to penalties that will reduce the benefits you are paid. This penalty is not often enforced when the employer has knowledge of the injury, but don’t take a chance.

For less serious injuries, notify your employer before getting medical treatment.

If your injury is not life-threatening, tell your employer about the injury — verbally and in writing. Your employer can designate the medical provider you see. If, after having knowledge of the injury, your employer does not designate a medical provider, you can choose your own doctor.

Report every injury, no matter how small it may seem at the time.

An injury that may seem minor today can develop into a more serious condition over time. Make sure you have it on record when, where and how you were injured.

Keep a copy of your written injury notice.

It is always a good idea to keep a copy of all documents related to a workplace injury. It helps you remember times and dates, and it establishes when compensation should begin.


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