What Determines A Workers’ Compensation Injury?

A workers’ compensation injury is an injury that occurred on the job. In many cases, the accident and the resulting injuries are obvious: It is clear the accident happened at work, and it is clear the injuries were caused by the accident.

How And Where You Were Injured Is Important

In other cases, an employer or insurance adjuster may have doubts about how and where the injury happened. Make sure you understand your rights and report your injury. A workers’ compensation lawyer can advise you.

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An Injury May Build Over Time

If a worker falls from a ladder and breaks a leg, the injury is immediate and obvious. But many work injuries are caused by repetitive actions caused by, for example, picking up heavy objects over a period of months or years. A little damage is done each time until the injury becomes major and disabling. This is called an “occupational disease.”

The injury done by breathing in chemical fumes or dust can go unnoticed for long periods but can cause serious, life-threatening diseases covered by workers’ compensation.

An Injury May Occur At A Location Away From Your Work Site

If you are driving as a part of your work duties and get into an accident, any injuries you sustain would be work injuries. If you are at a customer’s site, a vendor location or any other location as a part of your assigned work, accident injuries are usually covered by workers’ compensation.

Questions About What Determines A Work-Related Injury And Workers’ Compensation Ratings?

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