Denver Attorney: Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

It is possible for a worker to suffer a workplace injury that results in the loss of function of a body part. However, the injured worker may still be able to work after reaching maximum medical improvement. In cases such as these, the worker may be eligible for permanent partial disability benefits.

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Extremity Ratings Vs. Whole Person Ratings

Different types of injuries are eligible for varying degrees of workers’ compensation benefits. Extremity ratings are reserved for injuries suffered to specific extremities, such as arms, legs, hands, fingers and toes. Whole person ratings are reserved for injuries to a body part that affects the entire body, such as injuries to the head, back, neck or torso.

How an injury is ultimately rated is important as it affects the amount of workers’ compensation benefits you are eligible to receive. Depending on the type of harm that was suffered, it is possible for an extremity injury to affect the entire body. We can help you fight to get a whole person rating so you can receive the full amount of permanent partial disability benefits to which you are entitled. Ratings can vary from physician to physician, so it is important to seek experienced legal advice before you agree to accept a rating you have received.

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