Visible Scars May Be Compensated For By Colorado Workers’ Comp

After an on-the-job injury has healed, there may be a lasting and visible reminder of that injury. Scars and other disfigurements that are exposed to normal public view can and should receive compensation.

Burn injuries and other scars can last for a lifetime. The stump of a removed limb is a disfigurement that will always be present. If six months after a work injury, scars are still visible, you can request Colorado workers’ compensation disfigurement benefits.

If The Insurance Company Disagrees, You Can Appeal

Insurance companies want to hold down their liability in workplace accidents, so an insurance adjuster may try to tell you that a scar is not visible or that it is largely hidden from view. (Any scar or disfigurement visible while wearing a swimsuit can be considered for disfigurement benefits.) They also may admit for an amount of disfigurement which is less than a judge would award.

Talk to a lawyer about disfigurement benefits. At the Eley Law Firm in Denver, attorney Cliff Eley has protected the rights of injured Colorado workers for more than 30 years.

As with any workers’ compensation benefit, you need to be aware of how to file a claim as well as meet the deadlines for claims and reconsideration of claims. At the Eley Law Firm, we can help.

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