How Do You Choose The Right Doctor For You?

If you suffered an on-the-job injury, you are likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. One of the most common questions our firm hears is, “How do I go about choosing my doctor?”

In Colorado, your employer must provide you the names of two doctors, from which you are free to select to provide treatment. If you are not given the names of doctors from which to choose, then you are free to select a doctor on your own. However, the insurance carrier covets their ability to choose a doctor for you so they may not honor your choice. This is where an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help.

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Video: Authorized Treating Physician

Learn about selecting an authorized treating physician after a work injury. Denver workers’ compensation attorney Cliff Eley explains why it can be important to choose your own doctor.

Important Considerations To Remember

Whether you see your own physician or one of the doctors provided to you by your employer’s insurance company, there are three factors that you must remember:

  • Be very honest and straightforward in your initial appointment. You gain nothing from withholding any information from your doctor. Be as specific about your medical history as possible. If you ever injured this part of your body before, be sure to tell the doctor.
  • Never say you are feeling better if that is not true, as doing so could significantly reduce your available benefits.
  • You know your body better than anyone. You have options available if you believe you are not receiving the care you need, such as being referred to a specialist or if your doctor claims you have reached maximum recovery despite persistent complications.

We can request a second opinion on the determination of maximum recovery. We will advocate for your rights to medical treatment and benefits.

What If My Adjuster Denies Treatment?

Insurance adjusters do not have your best interests in mind — they work for the insurance company and want to limit their organization’s liability. Your adjuster might deny treatment if a doctor believes medical treatment is not necessary, but keep in mind that many doctors are “pro-insurance” as they receive significant business treating injured workers.

We can request a hearing in front of a judge who will review the evidence and make a determination on whether or not you should be awarded benefits. Even knowing that our firm is not afraid to litigate our clients’ claims can deter an adjuster from denying coverage.

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