Nurse Case Managers And Your Rights

When someone is hurt on the job and needs workers’ compensation medical benefits and quality medical treatment, the last thing he or she should have to be concerned about is a nurse hand-picked by the insurance company being involved in medical decisions and sitting in on doctor appointments.

While Colorado statute requires insurance companies to make a nurse case manager available for injured workers, workers are not required to accept the nurse’s services. Before working with a nurse case manager, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced attorney from the Eley Law Firm in Denver.

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The Proper Role Of A Nurse Case Manager

Ideally, a nurse case manager works on behalf of an injured worker as a go-between with doctors to coordinate treatment. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. In some cases, the nurse case manager is used by insurance companies to push for a result that favors the insurance company and is not necessarily in the best interest of the injured worker.

In some cases, we strongly recommend not having a nurse case manager. If you currently have a nurse case manager and are uncomfortable with the situation, you and your lawyer have the power to terminate or limit those services.

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