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The Colorado construction market has seen “unprecedented growth” for the last decade. As a result of that growth, that has been a rise in the number of construction sites littered across the Mile High City.

But, sadly, with a rise in construction sites comes a rise in construction-related accidents. Whether you or a loved one experienced a construction accident due to doing work on the site or were simply passing through, you may have the right to compensation due to your injuries.

At Eley Law Firm, we work with Denver construction accident victims to help them recover what they deserve from an accident. Contact us today to get your free, no-obligation construction accident case review.

Who Is Eligible To Recover Compensation As A Result Of A Denver Construction Accident?

Determining eligibility to either recover damages or receive workers’ compensation benefits largely depends on the relationship of the injured party with the employing organization or property owner.

The following relationships will likely have different legal outcomes for all those involved:

  • The property owner visits the property and is injured by construction debris
  • An individual doing business with the property owner is injured when visiting the property
  • An employee of the general contractor experiences a work-related injury
  • An independent contractor who has an independent contractor relationship with another organization is injured on the site as they perform their services

Understanding the legal nuances arising from the above situations is precisely why it’s so valuable to hire a trusted Denver construction accident lawyer, like those at Eley Law Firm.

Workers’ Compensation At Denver Construction Sites

An employee at a Denver construction site may be eligible for workers’ compensation if the following conditions are met, as outlined by the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act 8-41-301(1):

  • The employee is “performing a service out of and in the course of the employee’s employment;”
  • The injury or death “arises out for and in the course of the employee’s employment and is not intentionally self-inflicted.”

If these two conditions are met, an injured construction worker can file a claim utilizing their employing company’s workers’ compensation insurance. Our mining worker injury attorneys work closely with you to determine the maximum settlement you can receive for your injuries.

I Am An Independent Contractor. Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation Due To My Construction Site Injury?

If you are classified as an independent contractor and are injured on a construction site during your services, you would likely not have legal recourse under Colorado’s Workers’ Compensation Act.

However, that does not necessarily mean you cannot receive compensation. For example:

  • You may be incorrectly classified as an independent contractor and, under the eyes of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE), would be classified as an employee – and could receive workers’ comp.
  • If the nature of your business relationship is accurately described as an independent contractor relationship, you could have legal recourse to sue the property owner or general contractor as a gross negligence action in a Colorado civil court.

The Eley Law Firm Gets You The Legal Help You Need For Your Denver Construction Accident

At Eley Law Firm, we understand the devastating impact a construction accident can have on your life, and our catastrophic workplace injury lawyers can help.

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