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Have you or a loved one experienced intense emotional pain and physical anguish in the wake of a manufacturing injury? If this describes what you’re now experiencing, a trustworthy workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to help you due to this unfortunate circumstance.

Eley Law Firm is the Mile High City’s preferred workers’ compensation partner. Having worked in this community for over 30 years, our team is committed to keeping employers accountable for the benefits and compensation owed to victims of workplace injury accidents, just like you.

If you need help with your case or already know that your employer is not acting according to Colorado’s Workers’ Compensation Act, contact us. We offer free, no-obligation appointments to all Denver manufacturing injury victims and their families.

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The Landscape Of Manufacturing In Colorado and Denver

The state of Colorado is the home of many prominent manufacturing facilities and is a vital contributor to the manufacturing economy in the United States. Industry groups report that Colorado has approximately 5,540 manufacturers that employ over 229,614 individuals.

Denver has the largest share of these jobs, with 43,741 individuals employed by manufacturers, followed by Colorado Springs with 16,378 jobs.

Some of the largest manufacturers in Colorado are in the Food and Beverage sector, with companies like Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors being prominent players. There are also jobs in the aerospace, defense, and medical supplies manufacturing sectors.

Even if you are employed by a mining company, our mining worker accident attorneys can help.

How Employees Are Injured In Manufacturing Jobs

The National Safety Council (NSC) determined that the manufacturing industry is the 6th most fatal industry for employees and the 3rd most likely to cause work-related injury or illness, according to data from 2021.

Additionally, the NSC reported how these individuals experience work-related injuries. Here is what they determined were the most frequent causes of work-related injury in 2020:

  • Contact with object or equipment (such as an unguarded piece of machinery)
  • Exposure to harmful substances
  • Overexertion
  • Falls, slips, and trips
  • Struck by object
  • Caught in object, equipment or material

These situations can give rise to some of the following injuries:

  • Repetitive Motion Injury or Carpal Tunnel
  • Fractured or Broken Bones
  • Contusions
  • Lacerations
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Spinal Column Injury
  • Crushed Limbs

For an injury to qualify for workers’ compensation coverage, it must occur due to a work-related reason. Our warehouse injury lawyers can help you determine your coverage and help you fight for your maximum compensation.

How Eley Law Firm Can Help Denver Manufacturing Injury Victims

In a best-case scenario, an injured victim of a work-related incident can file a workers’ compensation claim and receive benefits as dictated by Colorado’s Workers’ Compensation Act. But even with a cooperative employer, it’s worth considering bringing on a workers’ compensation lawyer.

A law partner, like Eley Law Firm, with experience in workers’ compensation law, can ensure that paperwork is submitted accurately and timely and that you’re receiving the correct level of benefits.

Additionally, if you’re facing an uncooperative employer who denies your claim, a workers’ compensation lawyer can represent you at appeals hearings and work with your benefits claims adjuster.

So to begin the first steps in receiving the workers’ compensation legal support you need. Request your free, no-obligation workers’ compensation case review today. Or give us a call at (303) 785-2828.

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