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Being on duty for the Denver Police presents officers with many rewarding moments of helping those in need. But one of the challenging issues facing those on active duty as police officers is that injuries in the line of duty are common.

In 2020 alone, American police officers experienced 73,560 injuries that resulted in taking time off from work, according to a University of Illinois study. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that being a police officer is the 6th most dangerous job in the United States.

So if you or a loved one are facing a life of pain and suffering after being injured while on duty in Denver, we at the Eley Law Firm are with you in your time of need. While the Denver Police Department offers workers’ compensation benefits for those injured on the job, navigating this system can be complex and frustrating.

Therefore, if you feel as if your case has not been dealt with fairly, the Eley Law Firm can help you. We can help you navigate issues such as:

  • Appealing Workers’ Compensation Decisions
  • Navigating and Negotiating Settlements
  • Determining Responsibility for Expenses
  • Collecting and Managing Evidence
  • Represent You in a Hearing or Trial

Get started with us by reaching out for your free, no-obligation case review and analysis in your Denver police duty injury workers’ compensation case today.

What Is Defined As An On-Duty Injury In Denver?

An on-duty injury is an injury that the Denver Police Department’s Risk Management Unit determined to arise “out of the course and scope of the performance of an employee’s duties as a police officer,” according to the Denver Police Department’s Operations Manual.

This echoes the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA)’s definition of a work-related injury – a work-related event caused or contributed to the resulting injury or condition. And like OSHA’s exceptions to this rule, there are caveats to what makes an injury on or off duty.

Does On Duty Excercise Count For Workers’ Compensation In Denver?

The Denver Police Department encourages all officers to remain healthy and fit. However, active duty exercise and fitness programs are considered to be voluntary. Therefore, according to the Denver Police Department’s Operations Manual, an on-duty officer injured while exercising would not likely be eligible to bring a workers’ compensation case.

Additionally, OSHA considers “voluntary participation in a wellness program” exclusionary criteria for receiving workers’ compensation for related injuries.

Eley Law Firm Helps Denver Police Officers Recover The Benefits They Are Owed

Workers’ compensation cases can get contentious. And even with the Denver Police’s collective bargaining agreement dictating that officers should get up to 2,080 days of full salary at their designated rank due to a qualifying injury or illness, the Risk Management Unit may not consider an injury to qualify for those benefits.

That’s why it’s vital to consult a trusted attorney with the legal expertise necessary to work on your Denver police duty injury case. Whether our team helps negotiate settlements or take the case to court, Eley Law stands up for your rights – just like you do for the rights of men and women who live in the Mile High City. Our skilled attorneys also handle Firefighter injuries, EMT Injuries, and help other healthcare workers injuries.

So contact the Eley Law Firm for a free, no-obligation Denver police injury case review and consultation today.

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