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The incredible volume of passengers, bags and cargo in today’s airline industry places tremendous stress on workers.

At Eley Law Firm, in Denver, we know how tough it is for baggage handlers and others who have to serve so many people and move so much cargo. If you are an injured airline worker, we can provide focused and effective guidance in asserting a workers’ compensation claim.

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How Were You Injured?

All industries have their own dangers of occupational injuries. From flight attendants to food service workers, anyone who works in the airline industry can suffer from a work injury. But it is baggage handlers who are in many ways most at risk.

Baggage handlers are at risk of injury not only because of the repetitive motions of lifting so many bags at such a fast pace, but also due to the hazards that come from trying to work with various baggage handling systems that put workers into awkward ergonomic positions.

Employers sometimes try to argue that if workers just used better lifting technique, injuries would not occur. Scientific research is increasingly showing that this is simply not the case. As a baggage handler, you can suffer an injury, especially a back injury, no matter how good your lifting technique is.

Our Denver-based firm has helped many workers who were injured at Denver International Airport. Veteran attorney Cliff Eley has the knowledge and focused experience to help you pursue the full range of workers’ comp benefits that you are eligible for.

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