Skilled Advocacy For Injured Nurses

As a nurse or a nursing assistant, you have a tough job. Regardless of certification level, you can suffer from many different types of harm.

In particular, for certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and to some extent licensed practical nurses (LPNs), the responsibility of lifting and moving patients leads to frequent back injuries.

At Eley Law Firm, we help nurses who have suffered on-the-job injuries pursue workers’ compensation benefits. Give us a call today to discuss your specific situation. We serve clients in the Denver area and throughout Colorado.

Did You Suffer An Injury While Helping A Patient?

Many other occupations besides nursing involve lifting and moving. Warehouse workers, airport baggage handlers and others also do lots of lifting.

For CNAs, LPNs and other patient handlers in the health care industry, however, there is an added element of risk to the lifting and moving.

An inanimate object weighs what it weighs; it doesn’t move and shift around on its own. With human patients, that is not the case — and the resulting challenges in body mechanics put nurses at risk of serious back injuries.

It doesn’t help that hospitals have traditionally tried to argue that if patient handlers just use proper technique in lifting, all will be well. The truth is that no matter how good a worker’s technique is, lifting and moving a patient involve significant back injury risks to the lifter.

Veteran attorney Cliff Eley knows all about these arguments and how to respond to assert your interests most effectively. He focuses his practice on workers’ compensation and has a proven record of success in helping injured nurses obtain the workers’ comp benefits they are eligible for.

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