Skilled Counsel For Those Injured While Driving For Work

Many people have to drive not only to work, but for other purposes as well. Some are delivery drivers; others are driving for some other work-related purpose.

If you are in this situation and you get hurt, does workers’ compensation apply?

The short answer is probably yes. At the Eley Law Firm, in Denver, we are very familiar with these cases and can help you assert your rights. Give us a call today to discuss your specific situation.

What Happened And How Were You Hurt?

Driving for work doesn’t mean commuting to or from work or going out on a personal errand. It can also mean running a job errand or traveling for your employer on a work function, that is another story.

Injury when driving for work does not only come from car accidents. It also comes from things like loading and unloading or slipping while getting in or out of the vehicle.

If you were injured while driving for work, you may very well be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Even if you were at fault in a car accident, that would not affect your eligibility.

To be sure, you might not be covered by workers’ comp if you were driving while impaired. But generally workers’ comp does apply to job-related car accidents, in all sorts of industries. This is true even if the worker was at fault in the accident.

The types of injuries from a car accident can include head injuries and back injuries. Getting the right medical care is always a big concern in these cases. Our law firm can provide the focused advocacy necessary to help you get the medical care and the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

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