Protecting A Worker’s Rights After A Head Injury

There are many different possible causes of a head injury in the workplace. Falling debris, slipping and falling on a wet floor and the careless operation of machinery can all lead to serious head injuries. If the injury is serious, the victim may suffer paralysis, aphasia (speech problems), mood changes, emotional instability or even wrongful death.

Apart from any physical trauma, head injuries can also present serious financial repercussions for an injured worker. Victims and their families may incur large medical expenses and months of lost wages. An experienced lawyer can help you seek Colorado workers’ compensation benefits to offset these significant losses.

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Benefits For Workers Who Suffer Head Injuries

Head injuries can vary significantly in how they impact a person’s ability to perform their job. A concussion may limit working ability for only a few weeks, while a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be so severe that a victim can never return to work. A person who suffers a head injury may be eligible for:

The amount and type of workers’ compensation benefits received depend largely on the severity of the head injury and the ability to work.

Work Accidents Can Cause Many Types Of Brain Injuries

The full damage done by a head injury may not be obvious until days, weeks or even months after an on-the-job accident. Common head injuries include:

  • Frontal lobe injuries: A frontal lobe injury reduces the victim’s ability to control his or her emotions. The victim may become easily upset and cry often.
  • Inner ear injuries: Damage to the inner ear may result in severe and perpetual dizziness. The victim may no longer be able to control his or her balance.
  • Blood clots: A blood clot can form in the brain during a fall. If severe enough, the clot may put the victim in a coma or result in wrongful death.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): A traumatic brain injury often causes emotional and personality mood shifts. Cognitive functions, such as computing and reading skills, may also be impaired.
  • Closed head injuries: A serious head injury can result from a hard blow to the head from striking an object. A person suffering from a closed head injury has an intact skull.
  • Open head injuries: An open head injury is caused when a foreign object, moving at a relatively high speed, hits the skull and enters the brain.

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