When The Job Causes An Occupational Disease

When your job causes a chronic ailment that prevents you from working, you are suffering from an occupational disease (also referred to as a repetitive injury). Occupational diseases are covered by Colorado workers’ compensation benefits. When the chronic condition only becomes noticeable over time, or when an employer questions the source of the occupational disease, it can make obtaining workers’ comp benefits more difficult. Insurance carriers often take the position that the job could not have caused the occupational disease.

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If you have an occupational disease, it is important to get medical treatment and to make a claim for workers’ compensation. In many cases, it may also be necessary to talk to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

It Takes Time And Medical Treatment To Deal With An Occupational Disease

When employers and insurance carriers cannot see an injury, they may question how the injury was caused and whether it was a workplace injury. At the Eley Law Firm, we have protected the rights of injured workers since 1983. We have helped many workers establish the cause of an occupational disease and obtain the benefits needed for medical treatment and lost wages.

Our occupational disease cases have included:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by forceful repetitive work such as hammering nails into roofing materials
  • Effects of thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), a serious nerve condition brought on by a sprain or pulled muscle that caused compression of nerves in the neck and shoulder
  • Chronic pain brought on by repeated lifting and other muscle strains
  • Asbestos exposure

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