What If A Second Injury Complicates The First Injury?

Insurance carriers often try to avoid paying for a substantial workers’ compensation claim. If a worker has a work injury, then another incident (an intervening injury) makes your original injury worse, insurance carriers sometimes use that as an excuse to restrict medical treatment and limit wage loss payments for time away from work, as well as permanent disability benefits.

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If you are being questioned by your employer and the insurance carrier about an intervening injury, you need to talk to someone who is thoroughly familiar with Colorado workers’ compensation law and with how intervening injury cases are handled. The Eley Law Firm in Denver has protected workers’ rights for more than 30 years. Call today and talk with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

When An Intervening Injury Stalls Your Recovery

A lot depends on how and why the intervening injury happened. If you were recovering from a workplace injury and then had another injury from a recreational activity, the intervening injury and the damage it caused would probably not be covered by workers’ compensation.

But what if your back was injured in physical therapy that was necessary because of the original on-the-job injury? You would not have been in physical therapy if not for the original injury. What if you sneezed and it aggravated the original injury and extended your medical treatment? Your body’s actions should not be considered an intervening injury.

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