When Safety Rule Violations Cause Accidents

If your injury was the result of a safety rule violation, it is important to work with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Without a lawyer by your side, the insurance company may try to cut your workers’ comp benefits in half.

Since 1983, the Eley Law Firm has represented injured workers in Denver and throughout Colorado. With our experience, we have gained an in-depth understanding of the workers’ compensation system. We can help you secure the full and fair benefits you need after a work injury, regardless of whether it was the result of a safety rule violation.

To learn about your options and what you can do if you are denied benefits, contact us for a free consultation by calling 303-785-2828.

Don’t Lose Half Of Your Benefits

Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer can reduce your benefits by 50 percent if your injuries were the result of a safety rule violation. They can do this without a hearing and it can impact many of the workers’ comp benefits you are entitled to receive, including death benefits, disfigurement benefits and other types of benefits.

If your benefits have been cut in half, we can help. The first step is to request a hearing where the insurer will need to prove that a safety violation occurred and that it was enforced at your workplace.

We will thoroughly investigate the facts in your case and work to protect your interests throughout the hearing and your case. We can explain your options and guide you through the workers’ comp process in Colorado.

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