Learn The Language Of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a complicated area of the law. It can be challenging to figure out what your rights are — especially when the system uses so many words and acronyms that you probably are not familiar with. On this page are some terms that have been used on this site.

The more you know about workers’ compensation, the better you can protect your rights. One of the surest ways to protect your rights — especially if your claim was denied or your benefits were cut short — is to talk with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

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Workers’ compensation terms you should know:

  • ATP: Authorized treating physician, the doctor selected by your employer or you to treat your work-related injuries.
  • DIME: Division independent medical examination, an examination to determine the extent of your injuries and if you are at maximum medical improvement.
  • Division IME: Division independent medical examination, same as the above.
  • MMI: Maximum medical improvement, a determination of when you have reached the highest level of improvement possible, considering the injuries you suffered.
  • NCM: Nurse case manager, the person assigned to your case, usually by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, who may go with you to the doctor.
  • PPD: Permanent partial disability, the determination that you will always have some disability that will affect your ability to work.
  • PTD: Permanent total disability, the determination that your disability is total and that you cannot return to the job.
  • TTD: Temporary total disability, the determination that you cannot work yet, but that in time, you may be able to return.
  • TPD: Temporary partial disability, the determination that you can return to work, but not at the same level at this time.

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