Using Social Media As Evidence

If you receive workers’ compensation or have a claim for workers’ comp, you need to be careful when using social media sites. Insurance companies and their investigators scour social media looking for evidence that your injuries are not as serious as you claim.

At the Eley Law Firm, our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience helping clients with workers’ compensation issues. Over the years, we have watched the rise of social media and its impact on those with workers’ compensation claims in the Denver area and throughout Colorado. We can help you protect your rights and secure the benefits you need.

Take Care When Posting Or Using Social Media

Seemingly harmless statements and photos on social media can have a devastating effect on your workers’ compensation claim. For example, you may lose your right to benefits if:

  • A friend posts a video on YouTube of you rock climbing a week ago but you have claimed a back injury has been keeping you from work for the past month.
  • You post a picture to Facebook of a new scarf you knitted while you have a pending workers’ compensation claim for carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Your spouse posts photos or video clips to Instagram or Vine showing your recent vacation while you are out of work with a serious spinal injury.

Workers’ compensation insurance companies frequently hire investigators to search the internet for this type of information about claimants. To avoid losing benefits, do not post to social media while you are receiving workers’ compensation for your injuries. Additionally, keep an eye out for information being posted about you by friends and family.

Any evidence that your injuries are less serious than you claim can result in a reduction in the benefits you need after a work injury. Our lawyers can help you protect yourself online and avoid losing out on workers’ compensation benefits.

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